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“I’ve never talked to anyone at Simpay Payroll who isn’t great! We’re known for outstanding service and it’s awesome to see it in others. Simpay is amazing.” - Robin Carillo, Operations Manager, The FARM AV

Simpay is the preferred company when searching for dependable payroll management services. We work with you to ensure your employees are fairly compensated, while you receive the detailed reports you need to run your business efficiently.

When you select Simpay to manage your payroll services, you can:

  • Establish as many pay types, deductions, benefits, time-off accrual types, and direct deposit accounts as you like
  • Use high-end online payroll processing
  • ACA Compliance
  • Direct deposit and Pay Cards
  • Have access to as many as 300 payroll reports


We're so confident you'll love Simpay's Payroll program, we'll give you 3 months on us!

Save time, cut costs, and keep your staff thriving all in one place with our cloud-based employee management system. From payroll tools to HR solutions, Simpay helps you manage your team through the entire employee lifecycle.

*Promotion ends 12/31/2021. Participants must process payroll in Q1 of 2022. "3 months on us" will be credited in Q2 of 2022. Credit is equal to actual accrued payroll processing costs and will appear as a credit.

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